What to Wear?

Navigate the minefield of correct social attire for the right event. Choosing the right attire to match the dress code can make or break your success on the night or day. From 007 debonaire to entrepreneur or pillar of industry, whatever the impression you’re trying to create, every man should present at his best. Whether it’s the Brownlow, a wedding, a day out at Flemington or an important business function the right wear makes the right impression.

So whether you play a key role such as best man or MC, or simply want to be the best dressed guest it is important that the outfit you choose suits the occasion. From classic formal wear to a modern more stylised look be sure you get right advice to ensure you don’t just fit in, but stand out…


Lounge Suits

The Lounge Suit range is a modern twist where the style is characterised by a slim tailored fit creating a sharp, sophisticated silhouette.

Lounge Suits can be worn in a business context, and are also typically worn for a more relaxed or casual wedding. If your invitation says ‘lounge suit’ it is usually for a semi formal daytime wedding, beginning before 5pm. Men should realise that they are expected to wear a classic suit, with a smart shirt and tie.

A lounge suit can also be worn for formal occasions such as school formals, job interviews, business presentations or other special events.


Black Tie & Tuxedos

When an invitation specifies ‘Formal’ or ‘Black Tie’, a dinner suit/tuxedo should be worn which consists of a single-breasted black jacket with satin faced lapels, satin covered buttons and dinner trousers.

Black tie or formal is generally used for evening weddings or special occasions that begin after 4.00pm.

A pleated white shirt with a classic or wing collar (always French cuffed) is worn with a black bow tie, or to personalise your look you may choose a Marcella shirt in classic or wing collar worn with matching dress studs and cuff links.

To accompany your formal wear attire patterned & plain waistcoats and bow ties can be worn for parties, evening weddings and balls.

The latest in-vogue look for men is traditional and elegant. Wedding fashion trends are changing and we are seeing more and more dinner suits/tuxedo with long ties replacing bow ties. Cummerbunds are out; vests are in; often worn with Fat Boy ties and wing collar shirts.

Dinner suits can also be worn with a business shirt and a long tie.

A Windsor knot is the most sophisticated for a long tie.


Morning Suits

The morning suit is a well established look of formality, style and class. Morning suits are recommended for late morning and early afternoon weddings, where they are traditionally worn by the male members of the bridal party rather than the guests. For very formal daytime weddings a morning suit dress code is appropriate where men should wear a morning coat, waistcoat and striped trousers.

There are few occasions where a man gets the chance to dress to the nines in a morning suit. A champagne breakfast at the spring racing carnival is an ideal opportunity.

Fit is everything however for the dapper look, the morning suit is the perfect choice for those who like to stand out amongst the crowd.


White Tie & Tails

The most formal attire. For weddings or functions after 6.00pm that specify ‘White Tie’ on the invitation. White tie is worn in conjunction with tails.

White tie can only be worn with a white Marcella dress shirt with a wing or standard collar, white bow tie and Marcella white waistcoat. Adding the classic tailcoat completes the strong formal look. Dress studs in silver black, silver pearl or gold black together with matching cuff links should fasten the shirt.

A top hat and white gloves are optional, but are more for theatrical impact, rarely worn nowadays.

White tie is most often worn for formal occasions at gatherings such as banquets, balls, cocktail parties, special events and musical performances.



Formal Wear is personalised with luxurious selections of waistcoats and tie combinations that reflect the individuality of the wearer. They are designed to complement your choice of formal wear worn with a necktie, bow tie or Fat boy tie.

If you are wearing a waistcoat for day wear, the bottom button on a waistcoat should always be left undone, but on a very formal white tie evening waistcoat, all buttons should be done up.

No matter what the occasion, a cummerbund and waistcoat should never be worn together.

When wearing a ready-made bow tie or cravat with a wing collar shirt, make sure that the clasp is hidden under the collar of the jacket. Most bow ties come pre-tied; however the self-tied option demonstrates a man of competency and superior style.

Shirts should be French cuffed (double cuffs) with cufflinks. Shoes must be black leather and well polished. Socks should be black. Accessories should be carefully chosen and well fitted. Trevor West in South Yarra provide a consultation and measuring service.

A vast range of formal wear accessories are available for sale or hire at the Trevor West South Yarra store. You may wish to purchase a shirt or accessories if you plan on wearing to several occasions.