The HUGO BOSS brand and their fashion lines are aimed at various target groups, creating a comprehensive spectrum of elegant business ensembles to casual clothing, with an excellent mix of unusual fabric, vibrant colours and intricate details.

The menswear collections in the BOSS Black line offers versatile fashion ranges with a rich array of elegant “modern classics” in business, leisure and formalwear: perfect looks that satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and enhance the wearer’s personality.

The BOSS orange menswear collections offer leisurewear for men who enjoy dressing in style and sporting surprising looks. Unconventional material mixes, a playful approach to proportions and contrasting colours and patterns appeal to a savvy clientele that delights in experimentation.

Those who demand exceptional quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity will appreciate the luxurious tailored fashions of HUGO BOSS.


Ben Sherman has developed from its original roots as the status shirt brand into a complete lifestyle collection. It is now established as a world-class lifestyle brand and perhaps more importantly, a true British success story with a huge cult following spanning 5 decades.

The clothing designs feature the “effortless cool” look which encompasses the elements of the ben Sherman design, with the roundel and colours of the British Royal Air Force, often called the mod target.

Elements of Mod dress have consistently been the starting point for most street styles, where the smart street style and attitude of Ben Sherman has always been hugely influential.

Ben Sherman is most appealing to our customers because of its modern sophistication, unusual & complex designs, Carnaby-style fit and the ability of the brand to change with the times.


Replay’s collections are characterised not only by the design details but also by a superior quality of product and personalisation of garments carried out by a network of design specialists.

Through the use of sophisticated techniques applied to comprehensive creative research, Replay has developed cutting edge design know-how with a distinctive and unique qualities characteristic of Italian design.

Replay is renowned for the quality of its fabrics, as well as its style and sophistication; the key reasons for the appeal to our customers.


As a store that has been founded on quality from day 1 the story is no different today where the brands like GANT whose birthplace was the areas around New York, Harvard University where it still maintains a store and the Hamptons which provide the essence of the style and character for the brand. Designed from quality fabrics from the start with the desire that it becomes the most preferred shirt / brand in your wardrobe…the first choice when you get dressed.


As for Paul Smith, a delightful Englishman who desired in the early years to be a professional cyclist but fortunately for us a serious accident meant that was off the radar and whilst if recover he met his wife and the story goes on from there. designing sophisticated clothing with an obsessive attention to detail for which he has become renown whether it is the linings of his jackets, the use of varied buttons and splicing of fabrics to create quirky points of difference to the most ordinary of clothes.

His signature multi stripe and his love of the classic 1960’s Mini, which has been featured dressed in the signature stripe in a number of locations and features in almost every collection on his luggage and accessories.

Of course he is most probably renown for his socks which have revolutionised what men wear and no no longer is it just black or navy but colour big and bold.

Sir Paul still remains active in the company as the controlling shareholder and his flare and innovation is seen across the entire range and still today he continues to either do the photoshoot for the season collection or oversea and insists that any visit to any of his markets in which his collection is sold encompass an opportunity to give back to the industry from which he has benefited.


Abelard would have to rate as the premium shirt brand that was born and bread id Australia and more importantly Melbourne.

Designed using the finest of European fabrics and manufacturing techniques, it gives the wearer the most delightful sensation when being worn, elegant, sophisticated, on trend with the worlds best.


Bugatti provides Trevor West with a collection of casual jackets, structured but still casual and with that little bit of give that makes them just that bit more comfortable…In the classic colours and some more contemporary shades it provides both something for business or that more formal casual occasion.


Partner with that the trouser collection from Meyer of Germany, in both wool blends and cotton combinations, provides the most ideal of fits that are both contemporary yet functional, stylish yet casual and combined with pieces from the other collections ensures that you will have the perfect ensemble no matter what the occasion.


Phoenix Rising is a newcomer to the store which is all about clothing that is re born and subject to a variety of treatments ensuring that no 2 pieces are the same. Principally based around jackets,shirts and tees together with some ties all feature signature stitching embellishment.


When it comes to the formal hire collection Trevor West is renowned for its quality and this comes from the care and investment id the original garments to the way it is cared for.

By starting with quality piece goods and continuing to support local manufacturers which enables smaller more responsive production runs and the opportunity to offer specials given sufficient lead times Trevor West is seen as the number 1 for Formal Hire.

With a collection that includes Classic Tails for White Tie, Morning Suits in Black and Charcoal, Dinner suits in both single and double breasted, lounge suits in Navy, Grey and Charcoal together with a vast array of accessories from Vests and Ties both formal and business as well as all the other items required to facilitate the perfect formal outfit.

All are crafted specifically for Trevor West and for the use as Formal Hire.

We also maintain our own range of Dinner Suits for sale for those that think that be a better investment.